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Corporate Overview - Indiana Plastics
  • Indiana Plastics was founded in 1966.
  • Our sister company, Kruis Mold & Engineering, was founded in 1958.
  • We serve automotive, medical, defense, musical, consumer, and many other markets.
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Indiana Plastics Quality Testing Machine

Indiana Plastics >>> Quality Testing

Since 1966 Indiana Plastics has focused our time, energy, and resources in developing a quality control system that leaves us second to none. Our specialization in quality provides our customers with the assurance that their products will arrive as ordered, to print specifications, and on time.

Indiana Plastics Quality Testing Worker
What We Offer
- Automated Video Inspection in 3 Dimensions
- Accurate to +/- .0001"
- Tensile/Flexular Raw Material Testing
- Extrusion Plastometer: Verify Raw Material Viscosity
- Coordinate Measuring Machine Dimensional Verification
- Full First Article Inspection
- Production and Pre-shipment Inspections

Equipment List
- Micro-Vu Automated Video Measuring System with In-Spec Metrology Software
- RAM OMIS II 6x12 Video CMM with AutoMap 6.0
- View Bazic 12 Automated, Non-Contact, 3-D Coordinate Measuring System
- Tinius Olsen Extrusion Plastometer for Melt Flow Index Testing
- Tinius Olsen Series 1000 Tensile Tester with X-Y Plotter
- Bausch and Lomb Stereozoom 4 Microscopes .7x to 3x Zoom
- Lab-Line Duo-Vac Vacuum Oven
- Digital Height Gauges,Gauge Pins, Torque Scales, Micrometers, Etc.
- Arizona Instruments Material Moisture Analyzer
- MacBeth Light Booth